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a little less noise

Silent Soles started in 2014 by Rebecca Fellows.


"Life was fast. Always on, always connected and relentless. Finding balance between being busy and calm was tricky, and it had started to affect my mood. Staying happy was an uphill struggle at times!

At the age of 5, I learnt to sew with my grandmother. Then as an adult in the busy-ness of London life, designing and sewing became my therapy. A moments solace away from hectic everyday life. Colourful patterns fabrics instantly lifted my mood and the texture of cork and the sustainable way it could be grown was fascinating, I wanted to do much more than just make a slipper. I wanted to promote the importance of mindful and sustainable living.


Keeping the balance between busy and calm is often tricky, but it's often more difficult to stop than to just keep going. But little things can encourage us to be mindful and be more in the moment; like  getting out in nature, or wearing something meaningful like a piece of jewellery or clothing.

The Silent Soles brand aims to inspire others to embrace the silence, to give us the space to reflect and gain a bit of perspective. Being mindful of things around can help us be more balanced, and learn to be kinder to ourselves and the planet.

Fabrics, Fleece and Cork

The environment is very important to us at Silent Soles and we do what we can to create a product to have a quieter footprint. We promote slow living and we also campaign for animal-free products and environmentally conscious materials. 


Our eco canvas slippers are made with 45% recycled content and printed using ecologically-safe transfer sublimation inks. We also have a range of up-cycled slippers from reclaimed fabrics. We source recycled polyester fleece made from plastic bottles, and pre-wash all our fleece fabrics in a Guppy Bag to reduce micro-fibres going into the water. 

Finally, our cork soles are made from high-quality Portuguese cork, eco-friendly, durable, and sustainably sourced. It is also vegan PETA approved. 

brand vision

Silent Soles believes that a fulfilled life is a balanced one

In a busy world, Silent Soles’ vision is to increase calm and improve balance within ourselves by being mindful. That in turn helps us learn, create, grow and sustain healthier lives.


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